[Marketplace] GMH: Canvas Companion

For almost a year now I have maintained the GameMaker: HTML Extension, I’m very excited to say that it is now available from the GameMaker Marketplace¬†under “GMH: Canvas Companion”.

Wait a second, does this now mean that it costs money? Nope! As promised I have kept the extension 100% free and the source code is still available on GitHub if you are into that sort of thing.

So what does it do? Canvas Companion allows you to add snippets of HTML code (Such as a YouTube video) directly into your project without ever leaving GameMaker.


Now one of the things I commonly get asked is can I use this extension to add a textbox into my webpage? Well unfortunately, due to the way how GameMaker works internally, this isn’t currently possible. However I’m going to look into the possibility of unhooking/hooking GameMaker from input next time I update Canvas Companion.

So what are you waiting for? Go pick up Canvas Companion from the marketplace now, or read up about it on the documentation page.

Remember for any feedback, hit me up on Twitter or on the official GameMaker Community Topic.

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