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Level 19 – Chickens and Moles

Chickens and Moles is the latest release from the team over at Wormintheworks. The game is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Facebook. I ended up scoring myself an iOS promo code.

When I first saw this game all I could think of was Angry Birds, a game which has too many clones these days. However Chickens & Moles is a whole different type of gameplay to that of Angry Birds, one which you find yourself touching the screen to throw boulders at various objects in the hope of rescuing en-caged animals.

I only had one issue with the game is that occasionally the level would ‘time out’ just before you were successful which lead to some moments of serious frustration, however after some alternate thinking I managed to get past those levels.

The game is made up of 60 levels which is approximately equal to two hours of game time and at the end I was left wanting more which is never a bad issue to have. (Update: The developer has already confirmed that a future update will expand the game to a total of 120 levels)

Final score: 3.5/5 Chicken nuggets.

GMC Game Jam, GooglePlay, Future Projects

At the start of this week I entered the 9th GameMaker Community Game Jam, my entry wasn’t as good as it could of been, in the end I only spent a small amount time working on it. However I had a lot of laughs making it and got some really helpful feedback, which I’ll take with me when I go into the next Jam in three months.

Dev Shot – Defend the Doughnuts from native wildlife

You can go see the entry here.

I’m wrapping up development of the ‘The Glass is Falling’ 1.2 release and I’m aiming to release it on GooglePlay by this weekend. Originally I was planning to have paid and free versions of the game, however I’ve decided for the initial release just to have a free version and if people like the concept I’ll add a premium version with extra content later.

The main reasons for this decision are:

  • I don’t want to have to deal with refunds; I’m probably going to face a few bugs and glitches I don’t want to also have to be dealing with refunds.
  • Game Content; I had planned to offer paid customers first access to paid content, but with the other projects I’m about to start to working on I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to work on the expansion pack.
This release includes:
  • Android Support
  • [Protoype] Online Highscores (Has some limitations, only displays the top ten highscores)
  • Bug Fixes
I’ve got three planned projects coming up:

1. HTML5 Port of ‘The Glass is Falling’: Thanks to some help and advice I received from MonkeyMaw, I only have one bug/glitch left to fix before it’s ready to publish. Planned Release: Mid 2013 via Kongregate.

2. HTML5 – Project Unnamed: This was my original concept for the GMC Jam, but it wasn’t going to happen in the time I had, so I decided to postpone it till I had a chance to work on it properly. Planned Release: March 2013 via Kongregate.

3. Mobile HTML5 Card Game: After reading TrueValhalla’s new book ‘Making money with HTML5‘ I want to explore making and selling a mobile HTML5 app, it will probably be a one off project, but if the results are interesting, I’ll make sure I post them here.

The Glass is Falling – Release

‘The Glass is Falling’ is a game, well more mini-game, that I’ve been working on in the background for the last week. The goal of the game is simple, stop the glass from hitting the floor. It’s available now on the GM:S Steam Workshop, so if you want to have a play before reading on go ahead!

It was the first game that I designed & planned before I started development and I was extremely happy when the final product turned out like the concept art.


Concept Art


Final Build










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Official Portal 2 Turret? Yes please.


Portal would have to be one of my favourite puzzle games of all time the others being Lemmings and Portal 2.

When Velociraptor proofing my place of dwelling, something I always wanted to include was a couple of Portal turrets, so I’m really hoping that Valve plan to start selling them on the adjacent self to the Weighted Companion Cubes.

Image (Portal Turret): Valve Store Facebook Page

Day One: Nexus 7

I decided last week that I needed a tablet to test my upcoming Android app that I’ve been working on over the last few months. After writing several pro/con lists, I settled on Asus’ Nexus 7.

The main reason I decided to go with the Nexus 7 for app development was that it is running the newest version of Android (4.1.1) which is brilliant for testing my app. Being the flagship Google Tablet I expect that it will get all the major revisions of Android almost as they are released.

A Day in the Life of my Minecraft Server

I’ve never been a big fan of Minecraft, and I probably will never be, which is a little bit strange seeing as I run a Minecraft server. The game just never clicked for me, I always found it a bit, dull. Though I will admit I’m a little bit jealous when people go out and build some incredible stuff like a 8-bit computer or a 3d printer.

Destiny out of Stargate Universe – By Blade695

Watching that ship getting constructed was absolutely epic, it even has a gate on it! Only thing it doesn’t do is jump to FTL.

Star Destroyer out of Star Wars – By blade695

While I prefer the Destiny, you can’t forget the good old Star Destroyer, it brings back memories.

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Free Website Stumbling

Recently I went on an adventure to buy a domain name, rent a server and build my own website. After being with free hosting for the last couple of years, I was fed up with the MySQL database outages and DoS attacks on the servers. So it was finally time to move up to paid hosting. If you ever do want to have a crack at making your own website with a budget of $0 the best hosts/domains from my experience were;

000webhost – They are very reliable for a small website, but I did have a lot of trouble with the MySQL server though. They use a custom Cpanel that is very usable, with a couple ads for their parent company on it; your website though will have no ads on it though, which is very nice.

– x10hosting – They have full version of Cpanel 11 and have support for a lot more features than most low paid hosting. The catch is that they have penalties for overusing server resources, which seem unfairly low. The servers were fairly reliable; they did have a little downtime though. And like 000Webhosting, no ads.

Hosting is only half a website though; the other half is getting a domain name. I tried all the popular ones, like and the ones that x10 and 000 offer. But I managed to find some more decent and professional ones.

– – They have a reliable little set up and I thought the domain name sounded semi-professional. They do ask that you put a small link to them on your website and that you get 10 visitors in 90 days, but you’ll probably end up visiting your site that much by yourself. [EDIT (20/2/2012): have disappeared off the face of the Earth/Internet, I don’t know what happened to them either, if you do know please leave a comment.] – An amazing service, they offer you for free. Best bit about their service is that if you earn enough “points” by putting a small banner on your website, you can buy the domain for 2 years. The reason though that I didn’t end up sticking with them was that I found their domain name control panel, spam e-mails and minimum hits a month a bit annoying. Though I believe they have improved immensely since then, so some of this might have changed.

Well that’s the end of my list, but I have heard lots of goods things about other free hosts/domains like 110mb and many many more.

Make that Game

When I first discovered the world of programming I wanted to go and make the next Battlefield or Age of Empires, just like the “Getting Started” tutorial warns you against. (Yeah if you missed it, it’s right at the top, under the Getting Started heading.)

After failing at that, I lowered my goals to a 2D RTS and a Retro Scrolling Shooter. I still haven’t finished either of them. This time it wasn’t due to my programming skills, it was because I still hadn’t got that message in the “Getting Started” tutorial I had read all those aeons ago.

I was building games that I thought others would play. Well that was a mistake.

The key to making that game is make a game that YOU want to play. I know it sounds stupid, who plays games that you want to play?

Well obviously, you maybe?

See the trick is, if you go to all that trouble of making that game and not one other person likes it, at least you can enjoy it. There are probably some other good reasons, but I can’t think of them currently.

Alright, lesson learned, what are you still doing here? Go and make the next Quake.

Level 19 – Innoquous 4

NAL the creator of Mmm and MADDENING for iPhone recently released his newest title Innoqous 4 on PC. It’s his first title in 3D and makes Innoquous 4 the best in the gravity-flipping series.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it is his best looking game yet. Previous NAL games have focused on game play rather than graphics in the past. It also has a very nice soundtrack that blends nicely into the game play.

Now I have never really been a NALGames fan, I have always found his unique creations to be to very grinding, having to repeat levels over and over again without gain, and this is something that continues into I4. Especially with the challenge modes (How do you complete a level in 7s? I had trouble doing the level in a few minutes), but the thing for me was that this time I found the game just genuinely fun to play. This was because of some of the new features included in the game, how could you not like a game where the goal is to go “bunny hunting”?

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