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Just 21 – Release

‘Just 21’ is a game I started working during the middle of last year as a mobile HTML5 game, however I hit a couple technical difficulties at the time and set the project aside. I recently came back and re-worked the project for Android and iOS. At this stage I’m not planning on releasing a HTML5 version, though it certainly is a possibility for the future.


Initial Prototype


Final mobile HTML5 version









When updating the game I thought that by using the existing codebase I wrote last year would help save time, which in hindsight was a mistake. When I worked on the project last year my goal was to finish it as quickly as possible which meant most of the code was uncommented and had magical properties.

‘Scipt’ what was I thinking?
If I ever see this comment in a project again I might build a time machine, go back in time and drop a brick on the person that wrote it.
The rest of the project went fairly smoothly though, I increased the resolution of the assets, added in an online highscore board and a nice help screen.

Final release mobile version

You can go get it now on either Android or iOS:

Android app on Google Play

If you have any thoughts please take a moment to let me know on Twitter or leave a comment below.

The Glass is Falling – Release

‘The Glass is Falling’ is a game, well more mini-game, that I’ve been working on in the background for the last week. The goal of the game is simple, stop the glass from hitting the floor. It’s available now on the GM:S Steam Workshop, so if you want to have a play before reading on go ahead!

It was the first game that I designed & planned before I started development and I was extremely happy when the final product turned out like the concept art.


Concept Art


Final Build










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