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Level 19 – Homeworld Remastered


I have not been excited for a video game release for quite some time, but when this was announced I was excited.

When I played the original Homeworld in 1999 I loved it, even though I could never get past the 6th mission at the time, it’s a game that’s stuck with me since.

This game with the new engine is simply stunning. The visuals are incredible, the cut scenes are re-mastered and the sound quality is excellent.

Finally Homeworld still has one of the best stories ever delivered in a RTS, it’s hard to describe it without spoilers so I won’t, but I can’t think of another RTS that does the story aspect this well.

An interstellar achievement of a game, thank you Gearbox for bringing it back.

Level 19 – Chickens and Moles

Chickens and Moles is the latest release from the team over at Wormintheworks. The game is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Facebook. I ended up scoring myself an iOS promo code.

When I first saw this game all I could think of was Angry Birds, a game which has too many clones these days. However Chickens & Moles is a whole different type of gameplay to that of Angry Birds, one which you find yourself touching the screen to throw boulders at various objects in the hope of rescuing en-caged animals.

I only had one issue with the game is that occasionally the level would ‘time out’ just before you were successful which lead to some moments of serious frustration, however after some alternate thinking I managed to get past those levels.

The game is made up of 60 levels which is approximately equal to two hours of game time and at the end I was left wanting more which is never a bad issue to have. (Update: The developer has already confirmed that a future update will expand the game to a total of 120 levels)

Final score: 3.5/5 Chicken nuggets.

Level 19 – Innoquous 4

NAL the creator of Mmm and MADDENING for iPhone recently released his newest title Innoqous 4 on PC. It’s his first title in 3D and makes Innoquous 4 the best in the gravity-flipping series.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it is his best looking game yet. Previous NAL games have focused on game play rather than graphics in the past. It also has a very nice soundtrack that blends nicely into the game play.

Now I have never really been a NALGames fan, I have always found his unique creations to be to very grinding, having to repeat levels over and over again without gain, and this is something that continues into I4. Especially with the challenge modes (How do you complete a level in 7s? I had trouble doing the level in a few minutes), but the thing for me was that this time I found the game just genuinely fun to play. This was because of some of the new features included in the game, how could you not like a game where the goal is to go “bunny hunting”?

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