Game Maker 8.1 Lite

GameMaker 8.1 (Single word now) has received mixed reviews on the Game Maker Community, while a lot of members have given it thumbs up, many are upset that it has broken their code and is not compatible with certain extensions/DLLs. Personally though not only does it run all my games perfectly, it also runs them a lot faster than Game Maker 8.0 (Two Words).

YoYo Games┬ámade lots of noise about the new zoom feature in the room editor, while this is great (bit buggy though), the big thing new feature for me has to be the upgraded font rendering! Now all my games have sharp as crystal text. When Mike Dailly first brought up the whole font improvement, I just didn’t get it, I couldn’t even tell the difference between the two images he put up comparing the new and the old. But now I get it and I am going to rush out and buy the standard edition tomorrow (Literally).

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Its been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve tried to do a blog a few times now, but haven’t been able to keep it going. So here goes attempt three!


Alright, onto the good stuff, other than this blog I’ve been busy working on a very cool new game. It’s still early days, but it’s shaping up to be interesting.

Currently in the process of increasing the graphics quality, something that was severely lacking in the last game.

Also attempting to add an auto-updater to make it faster to roll out updates, not sure about how feasible it is though.

Finally the last feature I really want to add is an online highscore board. I think by add a layer of competition would be of immense benefit.



Photo (Apollo): Photo PD edited by Derme
Photo (Operation Torchlight): This image is for promotional use only and does not represent the final product.