A feature I often see requested on the GameMaker Community is the ability to import a spreadsheet from a program like Excel into an array. This makes it easier when working with large arrays, like language files, as it saves typing them up line by line in GML.

CSV Manager allows you to take a .csv file and load it into a GameMaker array in a single line of code. It supports encapsulation of cells and escaping of quotes. Have a large database of weapons that you need to be able to import quickly? Then this is the asset for you.

So what does purchasing CSV Manager get you?

  • Detailed Documentation: Details every step of the process that you need to go through to import a .csv or export one
  • Battle-tested code without the battle: The codes already been tested for a wide variety of situations and if there is a bug I’ll fix it for you.
  • Support: If you have an issue with getting the extension to work I’ll be more than happy to help

Convinced? You can go grab it right now from the Marketplace.

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