[GameMaker] JavaScript3D (J3D)
[GameMaker] JavaScript3D (J3D) Use THREE.js with GameMaker

J3D uses CSS to “stack” the GameMaker generated canvas over a WebGL renderer, this allows you to continue using GameMaker for all your input controls, AI and GUI while being able to use the 3D features of ThreeJS.

[GameMaker] CSV Manager
[GameMaker] CSV Manager Add snippets of HTML code to your GameMaker HTML5 games

GM: HTML is an extension for GameMaker: Studio that makes it possible to add snippets of HTML code to your HTML5 games. It also allows you to connect any elements you create back to your code, so for example you can press a HTML button and make a character jump.

FrostCube Time for a Break

Founded in 2009, FrostCube is a independent game development team. Developer of ‘The Glass if Falling’ and ‘Just 21’.

[GameMaker] CSV Manager
[GameMaker] CSV Manager Use CSV files with GameMaker

CSV manager allows you to take a .csv file and load it into a GameMaker array. It can also be used to save your GameMaker arrays to .csv files for storage. The asset includes detailed documentation on how to import your database from Excel and get it working. A simple demo to help get you started is also included.

[GameMaker] GMY YouTube Pro
[GameMaker] GMY YouTube Pro Use the YouTube API in GameMaker (HTML5)

This extension allows access to the YouTube API functions. This allows you to know exactly what state the video is in (playing, paused, ended). This means that you know when to resume the gameplay as you can find out when the video has finished.

[Unity] Simple Car Demo
[Unity] Simple Car Demo Get started driving a basic vehicle quickly.

Provides a WheelSet class (A fancy wrapper for Unity’s built in WheelColiders). This class does a lot of the heavy lifting for you and lets you focus on just getting the car moving how you want it to.