A Day in the Life of my Minecraft Server

I’ve never been a big fan of Minecraft, and I probably will never be, which is a little bit strange seeing as I run a Minecraft server. The game just never clicked for me, I always found it a bit, dull. Though I will admit I’m a little bit jealous when people go out and build some incredible stuff like a 8-bit computer or a 3d printer.

Destiny out of Stargate Universe - By Blade695

Watching that ship getting constructed was absolutely epic, it even has a gate on it! Only thing it doesn’t do is jump to FTL.

Star Destroyer out of Star Wars - By blade695

While I prefer the Destiny, you can’t forget the good old Star Destroyer, it brings back memories.

Farm - By Cyphermonkey

Even with all the spaceships being built, some people can’t leave the simple life behind.

Monster House - By Cyphermonkey

Even though I like this house, it reminds me of that really bad movie that looked more like cut scene out of a computer game than a film.

Resort - Water Thing

When you get the chance to build anything you want, some people create strange things, personally I think this person played way to much RollerCoaster Tycoon when they were growing up.

Castle - By Derme (Me)

This is where it shines that I’m not all that creative, all the earth-shattering stuff going on around me and I’m building a 4 walled castle.

Nyan Cat - By Kyza98

This has gotta be my personally favourite for today, not original, or creative, but it looks so colourful.

So there you have it, for those of you that are dedicated Minecrafters these creations were made;

  • In Creative mode (With mobs on)
  • Using NO mods of any sort
  • All creations were made in 48 hours or less

Other than Minecraft, it’s hard to imagine isn’t it? I’ve been working on my HTML5 scrolling shooter which should hopefully be done within the next couple days.

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