GMC Game Jam, GooglePlay, Future Projects

At the start of this week I entered the 9th GameMaker Community Game Jam, my entry wasn’t as good as it could of been, in the end I only spent a small amount time working on it. However I had a lot of laughs making it and got some really helpful feedback, which I’ll take with me when I go into the next Jam in three months.

Dev Shot - Defend the Doughnuts from native wildlife

You can go see the entry here.

I’m wrapping up development of the ‘The Glass is Falling’ 1.2 release and I’m aiming to release it on GooglePlay by this weekend. Originally I was planning to have paid and free versions of the game, however I’ve decided for the initial release just to have a free version and if people like the concept I’ll add a premium version with extra content later.

The main reasons for this decision are:

  • I don’t want to have to deal with refunds; I’m probably going to face a few bugs and glitches I don’t want to also have to be dealing with refunds.
  • Game Content; I had planned to offer paid customers first access to paid content, but with the other projects I’m about to start to working on I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to work on the expansion pack.
This release includes:
  • Android Support
  • [Protoype] Online Highscores (Has some limitations, only displays the top ten highscores)
  • Bug Fixes
I've got three planned projects coming up:
  1. HTML5 Port of ‘The Glass is Falling’: Thanks to some help and advice I received from MonkeyMaw, I only have one bug/glitch left to fix before it’s ready to publish. Planned Release: Mid 2013 via Kongregate.

  2. HTML5 - Project Unnamed: This was my original concept for the GMC Jam, but it wasn’t going to happen in the time I had, so I decided to postpone it till I had a chance to work on it properly. Planned Release: March 2013 via Kongregate.

  3. Mobile HTML5 Card Game: After reading TrueValhalla’s new book ‘Making money with HTML5‘ I want to explore making and selling a mobile HTML5 app, it will probably be a one off project, but if the results are interesting, I’ll make sure I post them here.

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